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Expeditions: Viking [L] [RUS / ENG / MULTi5] (2017) (1.0.2) [GOG]

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Expeditions: Viking- Год выхода: 2017
Жанр: RPG / Strategy / Turn-Based / Indie
Разработчик: Logic Artists
Издатель: Logic Artists
Платформа: PC
Версия: 1.0.2
Тип издания: Лицензия [GOG]
Язык интерфейса: Русский, English, Deutsch, français, polski
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется (DRM-free)
Минимальные системные требования:
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 - 64bit
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 12 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Mouse, Keyboard
Рекомендуемые системные требования:
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 - 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i7 3.4GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 12 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Mouse, Keyboard
Приготовьтесь к историческим приключениям! Студия Logic Artists, создатели Expeditions: Conquistador, с радостью представляет вам игру Expeditions: Viking. Вы только что стали вождем небольшого клана викингов, и под вашим началом есть собственная деревня. Но для того, чтобы выбить свое имя на рунных камнях истории, вам понадобится великая сила и великое богатство. Лишь так вы сможете сделать деревню знаменитой и процветающей. Северные земли скупы и бесплодны, и вам предстоит обратить свой взор на запад — туда, где, если верить сказаниям, в море есть удивительный остров, полный сокровищ. Ваши верные хускарлы пойдут за вами даже в Вальхаллу, если вы прикажете. Но для того, чтобы оставить тысячелетнее наследие, вам понадобится больше, чем просто верность. Соберите отряд могучих воинов, постройте корабль и отправляйтесь за море в поисках богатства и славы. Британия ждет вас в Expeditions: Viking.
Наличие/отсутствие рекламы:
Во время инсталляционного процесса происходит информирование пользователя о других игровых продуктах посредством сменяющих друг друга кликабельных изображений от официальной системы цифровой дистрибуции GOG.

Порядок установки

Запустить setup_expeditions_-_viking_1.0.1.5_(11750).exe


Патч с (11750) до 1.0.2 (11841)

Patch Notes 1.0.2 (08th May 2017)

Improved stability further
Fixed the resolution not being set correctly in the options
Player now has a fixed morale to Heroic (+10)
Fixed a bug where the person assigned to cleaning would always lose 1 morale; now there's 5% chance of that happening;
also added additional details in the player message log
Due to the player character now having a fixed morale,
they can no longer be set to clean the camp
Fixed a bug where killing Caustantin, Osred, or Æthelred after winning the fight with them would lead to the player dying instead (oh God I wish I didn't have to put this in the patch notes I am so unspeakably ashamed of myself for making this mistake)
Fixed a bug where the bounty Ealdorman could get killed if you attacked the thieves, so he would be missing once you got his own quest later
Fixed one of the groups of the thralls who had escaped from the slave trader in Orkney being unresponsive if you had passed through their area before they spawned
Fixed a stupid oversight in Uallach's (the witch in Perth) conversation that was preventing you from asking about Ketill or Nefja's personal quests if you had already completed her own side quest
Fixed the campfire in Yngilwood where you lay an ambush for the tanner - it was set to only play once, so if you clicked no to the pop-up initially you could never open it again
Likewise set Grimnir's last conversation in the dream to not trigger once, which prevents the player from "exhausting" it before it's active
Fixed being able to trigger the hole in the wall in Dun Phris multiple times
Changed the initiative in Ingimar's Longhouse so the player starts
Fixed a bug where enemies that were set to immortal could still die from Burn injuries
Fixed several issues with Execute and its Condemned status effect: the ability was painting a path when no movement would occur, it was erroneously disallowing activation when the target was outside movement range, and most importantly Condemned was disappearing one round too early, making the ability very difficult to use
Fixed an issue caused by using Charge with a reach weapon
Fixed Crippled not working
Fixed One-Two being able to damage allies
Fixed Disarm Trap not working
Fixed an exception in the Point Blank skill which could freeze AI in combat, and decreased the chance of this happening in other skills as well
Fixed an exception when using water skins
Changed animation for Anticipate Opening so it doesn't look like the character is attacking an invisible character
Nerfed Backstabber from a 50% damage bonus to 20%
Fixed the camera position in camp scenes
Added loot to some enemies in Perth that didn't have any
Fixed loot ownership in Ingimar's longhouse only being disabled if he was incapacitated (it's currently reset if you save and load in the scene, but we're working on that)
Fixed loot ownership not being disabled when Perth or York was being attacked
Moved some tutorials that were blocking the timeline
Fixed enemy and player AP being switched around in enemy tooltips
Fixed the Talon tooltip which wasn't being parsed correctly
Fixed the Sling tooltip calling it one-handed instead of two-handed
Fixed a tooltip in the treatment panel not showing up
Added more info about the timeline in the timeline tooltips
Video crash bypass instructions
-If your game has been crashing immediately after character creation or immediately upon opening, try adding the following anywhere in your config file: [VideoPlaybackSettings] DoPlayVideos=False -The side effect is that you will not get any videos. This is mainly a problem for the end of the game, since the denoument will not play. We're still working on a "proper" fix for a later update.

Patch (05th May 2017)

Патч с 1.0.1 (11602) до (11750)
Fixed an issue with our character streaming system that was causing random crashes all throughout the game on some computers
Removed some dlls related to a third-party decal system that wasn't actually used in the game anyway, which was being picked up as a false positive in some anti-virus software
Fixed a gamebreaking bug if you complete the Tomb Raider quest as the last of the Preparations quest and complete it specifically by fighting
Oddkell outside the grave
Fixed an issue where you couldn't talk to the leader of the persecutors in
Chester after completing the quest, so you couldn't ditch them, so you would get stuck in the scene
Fixed a small glitch where combat with the Praetorians would
automatically start if you loaded a savegame after allying with the
Fixed Rurik's conversation in the longhouse never playing when it's supposed to if you ever clicked on him when his conversation isn't active
Fixed a dialogue options "I won't enter your church" in
MorcantConfrontation that was appearing erroneously and would cause the dialogue to get stuck because it led nowhere
Ranged characters should now properly target tileobjects (no path markers, range visualisation etc.)
Set some audio not to loop (company intro + intro intro)
Fixed the infinite XP exploit in Unwanted Guests
Fixed a bug where some AI would not advance if there was a hazard on the projected path, or if the player used Ready
Fixed Maucolyn's intro conversation under certain circumstances being retriggerable even when he wasn't there anymore
Added missing goal markers for the Clear Caves and Clear Milecastle goals, and fixed the Cave River fight not triggering correctly in that storyline
Fixed the EliminateRemusCult goal getting stuck if you kill them before you deal with Valerius
Fixed certain party members not leaving the party when they should, if they aren't present in the scene at the time
Fixed a bug where stat adjustments from abilities would not get applied unless the character moved
Fixed Æthelred disappearing from Yngilwood if you leave the scene again after entering it when you're about to hand in the Mercian Connection quest
Made Finnguala leave the party and join the picts if you have her with you in Dun Phris and attack Magnus' group
Made Finnguala leave the party if you begin the ConquerBritain quest
Made Skallagrimr's conversation after the mountain cave or Hadrian's Wall close all Pict, Gael, or Northumbria side quests, made it enable all the menhir scenes in case you missed them, and made Caustantin's post-Dun Phris conversation enable Chester, Yngilwood, and the Swamp
Set up a script to disable the longship after the Althing, and removed the errant fire hexes from the Hrodgærda no-palisades attack map
Fixed the characters in Lindisfarne still sort of hanging around after the quest is already completed
Added the Clear All (key bindings) translation in French and Polish
Fixed an issue where characters would sink through the hexes in the Chester sewer fight
Fixed an issue where if you left Orkney before fighting Steinn, you wouldn't be able to progress the Viking storyline
Fixed a wrong localisation reference on the beach camp cooking spit in Scarborough
Fixed an error that was happening when a barricade got destroyed and the AI tried to switch weapons afterwards
Fixed a bug where the abducted brother in Chester would not correctly trigger his dialogue
Fixed an issue where the abducted brother in Chester would not leave the scene when freed
Fixed an area in the Homestead Forest where you could get stuck
Fixed Rebuke not knocking down the target as intended if the user has Powerful Kick skill
Fixed stats in combat not getting updated correctly
Added "DoPlayVideos" flag in config to help users who are getting crashes from the intro and outro videos (see below for instructions)
Made some more characters sit down at the Althing and the Mountain
Cave and made Ragnhildr sit down in her longhouse
Now Hrossbjørn and Vifridr will leave the village if you lose against Gunnarr after winning the first two fights
Fixed corrupted save files not appearing in the save/load menus
Fixed the language setting being English (Norse Names) by default instead of English
Fixed two occurrences of the typo "whince" in the English text
Fixed a chest that was open by default in the convent scene when it was supposed to be closed and lootable
Made the final conversation trigger in the first dream a bit more robust to address an issue where it sometimes wouldn't enable the conversation, making you stuck in the scene
Added explanations for the timeline in the tooltips, but it's only in the English and English (Norse Names) versions for now as we need to send it out for localisation
Added some party-wide morale increases for major storyline progress
05.05.2017 Дистрибутив игры обновлен до
08.05.2017 Дистрибутив игры обновлен до 1.0.2
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